Single Property

Rent My Home still supports one single property

If you only need one property, everything works the same than before but better. Create you page and select the “Services Template”, plenty of option will appear for you to edit your property.

The project is at the foot of a volcano on the north coast of the island of Fuerteventura, Spain The plot offers spectacular 360 degree views which want to be maximized by the customer. The land has a slope in the middle of the plot of about 2.4m in height dividing it into 2 separate platforms. At the lower part a rectangular piece of concrete (basement), which acts as a support for the upper part (ground floor) that is covered by a large format ceramic veneer graphite colour. These shades of gray in addition to corten steel make that the house almost becomes invisible as it fades into the background.

A rectangular form is used in order to block N trade winds that blow constantly throughout the whole year and therefore be able to use the south facing wooden deck. The pergola is hung from iron beams that are anchored to the roof therefore no pillars are needed giving a film like effect of the south view.

The ground floor is sectioned by a stone wall that crosses from side to side and divides the space in two, on side containing the lounge, kitchen, dining room and the other side has 2 rooms with 2 bathrooms. A timber module separates the kitchen from the entrance which houses inside part of the kitchen, cabinets and a toilet. From the dining area a spiral staircase in Corten steel connects the ground floor to the basement where there are 2 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms and a technical room. Because of the virgin landscape surrounding the house, there have been planted a minimum of native plants in order to obtain a spectacular integration with nature.